The Best of Luxury Homes

The Best of Luxury Homes

The world of luxury homes is varied and beautiful, full of different design styles and architecture. For the most part, the design of luxury homes depends on the homeowner’s personal preference and the popular fashion of the time. From interior designs with a minimalist approach or landscape designs that bring luxury living outdoors, luxury homes can take many different shapes.

The definition of luxury often depends on the home’s location. In a smaller town or city, the standard price of a home could be $1 million, while an apartment in New York City or Vancouver can start at $4 million. Luxury is about more than the price of a home–there are many factors to consider.


Luxury Home Features


While mansions may have been the traditional identifier of a luxury home in the past, the market has evolved to include a wider variety of architectural styles. Different styles of luxury homes range from penthouses, beautiful apartments, townhomes, ranches, mansions, or anything in between. The more unique and prestigious the features within, though, the more likely it is to be a luxury home.

Typical features associated with a luxury home include:

  • high-end, brand name amenities;
  • large square footage;
  • thoughtful floor-plan;
  • beautiful landscape design;
  • spacious property, and;
  • stunning vistas.



Luxury Design Trends


In most homes, the kitchen is likely the gathering spot where everyone comes together at the end of the day. A lot of the design focus is on the kitchen–often making it one of the more beautiful spaces–because it plays this vital role in people’s homes and lives. However, luxury kitchens are nothing without advanced technology that seamlessly merges with the interior design. Whether it’s marble countertops in the kitchen or top-quality Sub-Zero appliances, these additions create a combination of beauty and utility.



Moving outside, swimming pools, patio sets, and beautiful gardens bring an average home to a luxury home. Backyard trends for 2019 saw a combination of mixed materials, patio swings, and decorative tiles; all merged to create a stunning oasis. Following these trends infuses any backyard space with luxury.

Unsurprisingly, greenery in and around a home makes it more desirable and may even increase its price. Luxury properties with a private or secret garden are, on average, 15.8% more expensive than a similar home that does not have this feature. Other features that capitalize on the exterior of the house and enhance it also increase the value. Where a balcony adds 6.22% to the value of a home, a terrace adds 9.21%, a rooftop terrace adds 7.29%, and a beautiful view increases the price by 6.35%.

The seamless fusion of nature with a home adds an effortless quality that increases the appeal of a home. Whether it’s floor-to-ceiling windows or doors that open to a continued outdoor living space, creating an additional living space is always a great addition.



Local Luxury


Vancouver and British Columbia offer many opportunities to take advantage of luxury living is at its finest. BC’s stunning natural landscape allows for luxury homes with views that cannot be captured anywhere else. Vancouver has several neighbourhoods that offer luxury living, and after a year of lower prices, Vancouver’s luxury real estate market is set to pick up speed again, making it the perfect time to buy or sell.



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