Living Luxuriously with Nature

Living Luxuriously with Nature

Sometimes, the best inspiration for luxury design comes from the outdoors. As spring approaches and the days get longer, now is the perfect time to explore the surprising compatibility between nature and luxury.

Whether it’s incorporating natural materials like wood and stone in the interior design, or sustainable additions like solar panels, there are many unique ways to include nature’s influence on homes.

Modernist architect Frank Lloyd Wright aimed to create harmony between nature and the built environment in his organic architecture approach. People tend to feel the most grounded, safe, and at ease at home or in nature.  A collaboration between the two results in beautiful luxury homes that bring in the grounding elements of the outdoors.

Source: LuxuryDefined

The most common way to create nature-inspired luxury homes is to use materials that create a cohesive whole in harmony with the home’s surroundings. Rather than attempt to compete with a view, blurring the lines between nature and the indoors can accentuate the natural layout of the property.

Many luxury homes turn to large, floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize views and create an unobstructed flow of nature throughout the home. In fact, the shape of many luxury homes are mindfully designed to maximize the views and blend in with their surrounding environment and elements. These homes are built to follow the curves of hills or lines of a cliff, ultimately creating a sense of a seamless fusion of the two.

Source: Luxxu

A green wall, also known as a living wall, is both beautiful and practical. Until recently most commonly seen in hotel lobbies, green walls are now making their way to residential luxury homes. Real plants add lushness to homes, and green walls can be custom made with various plants to suit both the climate and the homeowner’s taste. More practically, green walls can provide extra insulation – an eco-friendly approach – and absorb sounds that would otherwise bounce off the walls and create an echo. Placed behind a bathtub, green walls combined with running water allow for a soothing union of the elements.

Source: Muramur

This BC home on Salt Spring Island exemplifies the harmony between architecture and the earth with design that promotes open spaces, clean edges, natural wood, and dramatic lines.  In this remote area, the views, coupled with the luxurious and welcoming design, provide a unique and desirable take on luxury homes that stray from the ordinary. Incorporating outdoor materials inside dissolves the divide between the two, creating a home that is both inspired by and a part of the natural beauty surrounding it.

Spring offers the perfect  excuse to unplug from the daily chaos of our busy world. However, when your luxury home is inspired by nature and embodies its inherent ease and comfort, you can celebrate the outdoors everyday.