A Proven Approach Succeeds Again

A Proven Approach Succeeds Again

Auctions date back as far as 500 B.C., and they remain prevalent today. Whether it’s for art, real estate, or antiques, a live auction always accelerates sales. Lambert Premier Auctions uses this proven method to secure luxury home sales while adding a unique spin to the process. Their expertise in the luxury real estate auction industry is built on more than a decade of experience, using thoughtful processes that lead to success at every turn.

Before partnering with Lambert Premier Auctions, the Solaris property had been on the market for three years. Once the Solaris campaign was in full force, the home sold in just 50 days, proving that auctions do lead to faster sales. Not only do real estate auctions advance a sale, but they also have clear benefits for both the seller and buyer.


Seller Advantages


  • Assurance that the property will sell at market value
  • Seller is removed from negotiation process
  • Ensured a thoughtful marketing campaign that increases interest and visibility


Buyer Advantages


  • Assurance that the seller is committed to selling
  • Control of purchase price
  • Eliminates long negotiation processes
  • Purchasing, closing, and possession dates are established ahead of time


About Our Process


Lambert Premier Auctions focuses on creating an exciting experience for both sellers and bidders. The sellers’ experience is seamless, as the Lambert & Co. team takes care of all events, viewings and marketing of the property.

Lambert Premier Auctions also stages unique live-in viewings, offering qualified potential buyers an exclusive personal experience of the home, complete with a private chef and concierge. Purchasing a new property is a commitment, which is why Lambert Premier Auctions offers prospective buyers the opportunity to experience each luxury home as their own ahead of time.

Throughout the campaign, on-site private events promote the property and bring people together. The Solaris campaign included sunset boat cruises, private luncheons, influencer events, and intimate cocktail gatherings. These events increase visibility and buzz around Solaris, and create unparalleled luxurious experiences that create excitement around the upcoming auction.


Inside the Marketing Campaign


The Solaris marketing campaign successfully drove traffic and generated discussion surrounding the auction. Lambert Premier Auctions’s proven approach involves data-driven targeting on all digital advertisements. Digital campaigns promoting Solaris ran on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as various other digital platforms.

Digital ads reached nearly five million views, with an additional 500K digital impressions across social platforms. The auction earned mentions across multiple qualified print and digital media sites and magazines, which contributed to the increased visibility for and interest in Solaris. The campaign, coupled with Lambert Premier Auctions’ industry expertise, was a key contributor to the sale of Solaris.


Looking Ahead


With more than a decade of experience in this industry, Lambert Premier Auctions looks forward to continuing with their proven approach and increasing sales in the luxury real estate market. If you would like to know more about Lambert Premier Auctions’ marketing campaign or would like to partner in the future, please get in touch!

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